What’s on a Landscape Plan

The answer to this question is easy…  It’s all up to you.  A good landscape plan is going to meet all of your needs.   But here is a list to help you out.

  Foundation beds: ( planting beds with shrubbery to cover around the house) consisting of a mixture
of evergreens and blooming shrubs that will provide color at all times of the year.

Privacy planting:  This may be larger trees and shrubs at the property lines, or closer to the house for
privacy around a deck or near a window.

Shade trees and ornamental trees for function and beauty.

Patio and/or deck for entertaining and outdoor living space.

Walks and steps can be planned to connect areas of high traffic, or for aesthetic reasons, such as an
inviting brick entryway or a stone walk through a garden.

Walls for either decorative purposes or retaining purposes to accommodate a change in grade.

Fences for privacy, aesthetics and pets.

Gardens for cut flowers, vegetable, roses, herbs and perennials.

Play area

Pool / Hot tub

Specialty features: fire pit, gazebo, fountain, water fall, focal point, sitting area, arbor, trellis,
wondering paths through woods, sculpture, birdbath, rock garden, lamppost, pillars, lighting, etc.

– Most importantly…YOUR GOAL! The ultimate vision of your outdoor living space.