Why Pay For a Plan

Why Should I Pay For A Plan When The Installer Will Provide One For Free?

 This is a great question and the one that is asked the most often. Therefore, I have dedicated a whole page to the answer.

First off, I work for you. It sounds simple but most landscapers forget that. The finished product is exactly what you want not what some landscaper thinks you need. Most landscapers have a pile of bricks in surplus in their yard from a job that had cancelled or maybe they have an abundance of plants for some other reason. They will include those items in your ‘free plan’ and not offer you options because they want to move those products. As a consultant I don’t have a large overhead or a surplus of products that I have to move. I have no ulterior motive. My only mission is to satisfy your vision of your exterior space.

Second, I’ll take all of your ideas and mesh them with mine to give you the best possible outcome. The end result will be an original plan that is exactly what you want and not some cookie cutter plan on a piece of notebook paper that looks the same as everyone else on your street.

Third, I’ll work within your budget. Do you know how many customers tell me that they have a $10,000.00 budget and the first landscaper they called showed up with a $30,000 plan? If your budget is $5,000.00 or $50.000.00 that’s what you’ll get. I receive no compensation or commission from any installers so there is no reason or incentive for me to try to sell you more than what you truly want.

Fourth, after being in the landscaping business for over 30 years, I have found that every Joe with a pickup truck calls himself a landscaper and I also found out every year there are different trucks. I can’t tell you who to trust, but I can tell you that education, experience, longevity and reputation are priceless.   Unfortunately, not everyone has those qualities.   My goal as a designer is to provide a plan that meets all your needs, within your budget, that eliminates your concerns about unscrupulous contractors.  Finding a good, honest and reliable landscaper is hard and a landscape plan is a great tool because you can get estimates and interact with landscapers face to face before you have to pay down deposit.

Of all of the information listed on this website if you skipped directly to this page first then you are looking exactly for the value that my service provides.  I hope that I provided the answer to the question and I hope that you find that a Roxie Art Landscape Plan is essential to the completion of the exterior look of your home.

Now please take a few minutes to check out the rest of the website. I look forward to working with you.

Serving the Northeast Ohio area for over 30 years